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Listen to Online Dating: Master the Art of Internet Dating Audiobook by Ace McCloud, narrated by Joshua Mackey  · Internet Dating: Get an Expert Guide in the World on Online Dating. Learn the Secrets of Online Dating Secrets and Tips on How to Navigate Online Dating Online this audiobook will cover the following topics: what online dating services will do for you - how online dating sites work - online dating tips for beginners - writing your profile - choosing It is doubtful to find a meaningful relationship by mindlessly swiping left and right for hundreds of times. By putting audio at the core of our experience, Matter has made online dating more Henry Cloud – Boundaries in Dating Audiobook. Autobiography & Biographies, History, Nonfiction Eddy de Wind – Last Stop Auschwitz Audiobook. Sci-Fi Jeff Grubb – StarCraft: ... read more

Lost your password? Free audio books online Good collection of audio books by many world-famous authors. Search for:. The latest audiobooks. Audiobooks The Chronicles Of Narnia audiobook 7: The Last Battle. Audiobooks The Chronicles of Narnia audiobook 5: The Horse and His Boy. Audiobooks The Chronicles Of Narnia audiobook 4: The Silver Chair.

Audiobooks The Chronicles of Narnia audiobook 3: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Audiobooks The Chronicles of Narnia audiobook 2: Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia. Audiobooks The Chronicles of Narnia audiobook 1: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Audiobooks The best novel of by Time : Never let me go audiobook. Audiobooks A fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel: Life of Pi audiobook.

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Best audiobooks for road trips The Chronicles Of Narnia audiobook 7: The Last Battle The Chronicles Of Narnia audiobook 6: The Magician's Nephew The Chronicles of Narnia audiobook 5: The Horse and His Boy The Chronicles Of Narnia audiobook 4: The Silver Chair see more.

Some are available in multiple formats so that you can download the book in MP3 or OGG format, for example. The MindWebs page is one part of the Internet Archive that has several dozen classic sci-fi audiobooks.

It's easy to use Loyal Books previously called Books Should Be Free to download free audiobooks. You can view the audiobooks by the language, the Loyal Books top , and by genre like Children , Fiction , Fantasy , Mystery , and more than a dozen others.

You can listen to these books on their website, download MP3s of the chapters altogether at once in one ZIP file, download the whole audiobook in one M4B file for iPhones and iPods, save specific chapters only, and even get the book through an RSS reader.

There's also a Loyal Books mobile app for iOS and Android. These are public domain books, so you might not see anything here that differs from the other public domain audiobook websites we've already mentioned.

If you are looking for free audiobooks for kids, then Storynory should be your first stop. The selection includes original stories, fairy tales, classic stories, educational books, and some small stories for the very little ones.

You can download audiobooks here, stream them directly from the website, or use Apple Podcasts to listen to the Storynory podcasts.

There's also an app for iOS devices, but it's not free. Open Culture has 1, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry audiobooks you can download for free. Just scroll down the alphabetized list to browse through everything they have to offer. These audiobook downloads are located on a variety of other websites, too, so some of them may be direct links to the MP3 while others might be streamed from its download page but not available for download.

Besides free audiobooks, this site also has free online movies, courses, language lessons, and eBooks. io previously known as Librophile is another directory that makes it easy to find public domain audiobook downloads. You can download the whole audiobook or play it through iTunes. Browse by trending or popular audiobooks to find one you might like, or look through the list of genres, authors, or languages.

There are over , items at Digitalbook. io, and while some are audiobooks, others are regular eBooks. Light Up Your Brain has several clearly read, short, free audiobooks that are just for kids. Stream them or download the audiobooks to your computer. A transcription of the story is provided as well so that beginning readers can read along with the audio. There are also some free games for kids here that are all made to challenge their minds and keep their brains active.

ThoughtAudio has classic works of literature and philosophy books available for download as free audiobooks. You can browse the whole list or search for books, as well as see them in order of those that were recently added to the collection. To get these audiobooks, you have to either listen to them on the website or download them in installments by right-clicking each part that you want to save.

PDF transcripts for these audiobooks are also available for download. This free audiobook website specializes in classic and fiction audiobooks and you can view them by most popular, recently added, or by author's last name. Some examples include Romeo and Juliet, The Wind in the Willows, The Mysterious Affair at Styles , and Autobiography of Mark Twain.

All the audiobooks here can be downloaded as an MP3 file and some of them as an M4B file for iOS devices. To download hundreds of their audiobooks at once and support the site, you can purchase the short stories on a DVD. Much like OverDrive, detailed at the top of this list, hoopla has free audiobook downloads, but only if you have a library card at a supporting library. When searching through the tens of thousands of free audiobooks here, you can filter the results by user rating, release date, date added, and language.

There's also a Children's Titles Only toggle to show just kid-friendly audiobook downloads. Browse hoopla's most popular audiobooks , or dig through hoopla's trending audiobooks page , if you're not sure where to start.

There are also genres you can browse through. These audiobooks can be streamed from your computer or on various devices. Project Gutenberg has audiobooks that are human-read and some that are computer-generated.

These are public domain books that have been turned into audiobooks that are now available for free for anyone who's interested. There are several formats to download the book in, and you can save it to your computer or an online storage site like Dropbox. Scribl is a very different audiobook website because while there are some free audiobooks, most of them come at a cost. It's really a hit-or-miss type of situation when you look for free audio eBooks here. However, we've included it here because you might find unique books that aren't free anywhere else.

Just make sure to grab them quickly because as books get more popular, Scribl's CrowdPricing model puts a price on them. Because Scribl has other things, too, like eBooks and podcasts, you want to make sure to filter the results to only show audiobooks.

All audiobooks automatically come with the eBook at no cost. There are several ways to filter the results to show only the books you're interested in listening to. For example, maybe you're only interested in space-themed English books set in the late s that have a female main character. Set those filters and see what shows up!

There are mobile apps if you want to listen from your phone. Once its own audiobook site, Podiobooks. com is part of Scribl. If you like to keep your book collection in your Google account to read in the Google Play Books app, you'll enjoy the free options offered to you. Visit the link below, and then scroll down to the Free in fiction or Free in nonfiction section to see the free audiobooks Google offers.

There aren't many, but they are totally free and legal, and will be added to your account in just a few moments. Listen to these audiobooks through the Google Play Books website or with the app for Android or iOS.

If you use the website, you can export an audiobook to M4A to play it elsewhere. SYNC returns Spring Audiobook SYNC is a free summer reading program meant for kids 13 and older, but anyone can take part in it to get free audiobook downloads. Two free audiobooks are given away every week over the summer.

It's a perfect way for kids to keep their comprehension skills sharp before returning to school, but also provides a way for adults to grab some free audio eBooks. You can sign up for email alerts to get reminded when SYNC releases new titles.

Seeking to build, repair, or strengthen a loving bond? Whatever your status, these audiobooks are full of insights and strategies to help you enjoy healthier and happier relationships.

Relationships are hard—especially romantic relationships. Are you casually dating, seriously committed, married, or somewhere in between? Thankfully, no matter what your current relationship status is, there are plenty of listens out there that offer guidance and support.

There are so many relationship books out there, in fact, that it can be difficult to know which advice is worth following. The following audiobooks offer helpful guidance on various aspects of relationships: dating, communication, marriage, infidelity, sex, and more.

Save this list to your Collections Library now! Shannon Boodram is a certified sex educator and intimacy expert. In The Game of Desire, Boodram shares her advice for successful dating in the modern world. Unsurprisingly, finding someone else to love you in a relationship starts with self-love. Boodram offers practical advice on how to accomplish just that, with case studies and facts about the psychology of sex and love, all delivered in a humorous and warm tone.

The audiobook is narrated by Boodram, and as you listen, it feels like the author herself is sitting down next to you and doling out expert advice in a very personal way. Conventional advice about dating leads to a lot of game-playing and superficial relationships based on pretense.

In Deeper Dating, psychologist Ken Page offers up a new approach to dating that leads to long-lasting and meaningful relationships. This listen emphasizes that when you present the real you in your dating life, you will attract people who will love you for who you truly are.

Deeper Dating includes practical advice, exercises, and inspiring stories to lead you on the path to being more self-assured and emotionally available in relationships. This audiobook, narrated by Allan Robertson, is only available from Audible. In The Science of Happily Ever After, relationship psychologist Dr. Ty Tashiro gets to the bottom of what it takes to find true, enduring love.

Through research in the fields of demography, sociology, medical science, and psychology, and rooted in real-life situations, Tashiro provides helpful, actionable advice for how singles can find their happily-ever-after. In the audiobook, narrator Chris Chappell adds a bit of his joy and humor to the science, making this a particularly enjoyable listen.

In this audiobook, Todd examines common pitfalls of relationships and offers up practical suggestions for how to get past them. The Five Love Languages have become so much of a part of how people understand relationships and communication in the modern age.

In this celebrated guide, Dr. The Audie Award-winning audiobook is narrated by Chapman himself, and it comes with a helpful reference guide. In this best seller, therapists and married couple Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt offer a guide to finding lasting companionship in your relationship. Among the things Getting the Love You Want can do for you, this listen will help you: learn how to truly listen to your partner, increase the joy and laughter in your relationship, see your partner not only as a romantic interest but as a close friend, and much more.

Hendrix and Hunt narrate the audiobook together, and in doing so, the authors offer up an inside look into their own close and supportive relationship. In Attached, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller get into the science behind relationships. Specifically, the scientific reasons why some people have an easier time in relationships than others. Levine and Heller look at how adult attachment styles inform the way people act in relationships. For instance, anxious people often worry about their relationship and whether or not their partner really loves them.

Avoidant people see relationships as a loss of independence, and so they often push their partner away. Meanwhile, secure people are comfortable in their relationships. This listen will help you examine your own attachment style and the style of your partner. From there, the audiobook will guide you towards building stronger, more fulfilling connections with others.

Sue Johnson is a leading innovator in couples therapy, and in the best-selling Hold Me Tight, Johnson uses the concepts of Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples work on their communication and attachment in their relationship. Johnson believes that the best way to save a relationship or to make it even stronger is through establishing a safe emotional connection and preserving the attachment bond. Johnson makes these concepts easy to understand and follow through case studies, practical advice, easy-to-follow exercises, and much more.

The audiobook is narrated by Helen Keeley, and her reading is compassionate and kind. After a really bad divorce, Elizabeth Gilbert told herself that she would never, ever get married again. But life is full of surprises, and Gilbert found herself in circumstances where marriage was the only thing that made sense. Gilbert tackles her fears about marriage in this listen through research, interviews, and personal reflections on the subject.

Gilbert herself narrates her story with wit, humor, and warmth. A lot of people think that contemporary marriages are in more trouble than marriages from previous time periods. On the contrary, in The All-or-Nothing Marriage, psychology professor E.

Finkel argues that the best marriages today are better than any marriages from earlier eras. Today, marriage is less about practical concerns like food, shelter, or even basic companionship. But how do you get your marriage to be one of these contemporary relationships?

Using cutting-edge science and practical advice, Finkel offers paths to better communication, realistic expectations, and more. The authors narrate this modern classic centered on looking at romantic relationships beyond monogamy, navigating polyamory, and figuring out how to set up open lines of communication, talk about feelings, deal with conflict, and negotiate a relationship that everyone is happy with.

It even includes a section on how to raise a family! Author and illustrator Sophie Lucido Johnson first made waves with her candid, charming memoir of polyamory, Many Love, and her latest release builds on the steadily growing idea that committed, whole relationships need not fall within the traditional bounds of monogamy. This excellently researched, three-part series explores the widening spectrum of modern relationships—from nontraditional and chosen families to asexuality and polyamory—in a multi-voiced, audio-first format.

For as long as there has been marriage, there has been adultery. In The State of Affairs, couples therapist Esther Perel the renowned specialist behind Where Should We Begin? argues that affairs have a lot to teach us about relationships, and they can actually guide us to a new relationship with our spouses.

Whether you decide to remain together or part ways after infidelity, Perel believes there is a lot of opportunity to grow and learn from the experience. The author narrates this audiobook and does an excellent job of carrying the ideas it conveys through her voice. Mira Kirshenbaum is a world-renowned therapist who has treated many people who have been affected by affairs.

In When Good People Have Affairds, she offers a compassionate and understanding examination of what happens to a person when they find themselves caught between two loves. Through six easy-to-follow steps, Kirshenbaum leads listeners towards finding clarity and peace.

This audiobook helps listeners identify the many different kinds of affairs and the reasons why the infidelity occurred in the first place. She even gets into how a person can decide whether to end their marriage or their affair. Callie Beaulieu narrates the audiobook clearly and with just the right amount of emotion. In Transcending Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder, psychologist Dennis Ortman draws comparisons between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the feelings of emotional distress one feels after infidelity.

In order to find a path to healing, Ortman takes a psychological approach mixed with a religious approach, primarily through the teachings of Christianity and Buddhism. Through case studies, guided meditations, and more, this audiobook guides listeners through the six stages of recovering from infidelity with empathy and encouragement.

In The Sexually Confident Wife, best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host Shannon Ethridge speaks directly to every woman who is yearning to enjoy great sex with her husband. Narrating her own audiobook with authority and compassion, the author helps women overcome inhibitions and guilt to find sexual fulfillment in marriage. Emily Nagoski is an upbeat and witty writer and narrator who truly loves science, and her perspectives on sexuality are essential for all men, women, and nonbinary individuals seeking to better understand their bodies and sex.

The Best Relationship Listens to Help You Navigate Dating, Marriage, and More Seeking to build, repair, or strengthen a loving bond? Audible Editors February 15, The Game of Desire By Shannon Boodram. Deeper Dating By Ken Page.

The Science of Happily Ever After By Ty Tashiro. Relationship Goals By Michael Todd. The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts By Gary Chapman. Getting the Love You Want By Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt. Attached By Amir Levine, Rachel Heller. Hold Me Tight By Dr. Sue Johnson EdD. Committed By Elizabeth Gilbert. The All-or-Nothing Marriage By Eli J. The Ethical Slut By Janet W. Hardy, Dossie Easton.

Love Without Sex By Sophie Lucido Johnson. The State of Affairs By Esther Perel. When Good People Have Affairs By Mira Kirshenbaum. Transcending Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder By Dennis C. Ortman PhD. The Sexually Confident Wife By Shannon Ethridge. Come As You Are: Revised and Updated By Emily Nagoski PhD. Revisit the classic with these best Romeo and Juliet quotes. Lewis Quotes About Love, Life, Faith, Bravery, and Friendship. Best Audiobooks on Communication.

The Best Audiobooks on Friendship to Deepen Your Bonds.

Penny Reid – Dating-ish Audiobook,Best audiobooks

The latest audiobooks. The Chronicles Of Narnia audiobook 6: The Magician’s Nephew. The Chronicles of Narnia audiobook 3: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Chronicles of Penny Reid – Dating-ish Audiobook (Knitting in the City Book 6) I’ll disclose to you this, Dating-ish is an ensured book headache. An independent novel that will astonish you with its It is doubtful to find a meaningful relationship by mindlessly swiping left and right for hundreds of times. By putting audio at the core of our experience, Matter has made online dating more  · Internet Dating: Get an Expert Guide in the World on Online Dating. Learn the Secrets of Online Dating Secrets and Tips on How to Navigate Online Dating Online  · Listen Free to Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Audio Bible Studies: Navigating Life + Love in the Modern Age audiobook by Ben Stuart with a 30 Day Free Trial! Stream and Listen to Online Dating: Master the Art of Internet Dating Audiobook by Ace McCloud, narrated by Joshua Mackey ... read more

These are public domain books, so you might not see anything here that differs from the other public domain audiobook websites we've already mentioned. In this book Ace McCloud teaches you what not to do and what to do when online dating. This audiobook helps listeners identify the many different kinds of affairs and the reasons why the infidelity occurred in the first place. The results where very good, especially when I started sending messages during peak hours, such as Sunday in the afternoons. Very sincere.

As someone who has been leery of online dating, online dating audio book, but curious, this book has been an absolute wonder! Today, marriage is less about practical concerns like food, shelter, or even basic companionship. Very sincere. No matter what you are looking for and what your goals and plans are you are able to find something that will help you stand out from the crowd and online dating audio book noticed in the online dating scene. It addressed human association.